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Unbeatable Rates ??No Hidden Fees


Processing Without the

High-performance markup.


Payment Processing

Virtually everyone working in and around the auto industry has unique and often complex needs when it comes to payment processing. We understand that a busy sales environment?demands varied and reliable payment options?and sophisticated back-end payment systems that can manage complicated, high-ticket transactions and financing plans.

Thanks to our unbeatable rates, and unbeatable customer support, we’ve become a best friend to the auto industry, handling accounts for everyone for Chevy, Ford, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Jeep and Dodge dealerships nationwide to repair shops, paint & body, auto parts manufacturers and pre-owned car dealers of all shapes and sizes.

Payment Solutions

The right payment solution can make all the difference, that’s why BLUEDOG seamlessly integrates with every major?point-of-sale platform,?payment gateway, and?virtual terminal. So, whether you’re processing purchase orders, invoices, by mail, over the?phone, or in-person, you’ll be able to accept payments, sync bookkeeping, schedule recurring payments, and invoice all from one place.?

With Level II and Level III processing and PCI compliant payment gateways, we have solutions that meet?your immediate needs and scale as your business grows.


All our plans have no PCI fees, no IRS reporting fee, free next day funding, and 24/7 customer care!?
Choose the payment processing below that you’re interested in to get started.


Interchange+, also known as pass through, is often the lowest cost option for most businesses.

Cash Discount

Pass the cost of credit card processing on to your customer with our cash discount program.


Our Flat-Rate plan keeps it simple with a low per-transaction cost and a low monthly fee.

High Risk

Find a solution and rate plan that makes sense for your business now, and in the future.

Happy with your current set up?

There will be no major changes when you switch to BLUEDOG.

Our payment processing is compatible with virtually every sales platform including:

What Others Say About Us

Loved by customers. Trusted by experts.

“We are very happy with BLUEDOG. I’ve never had any problems or issues and we are very grateful for the low rates and great service provided by BLUEDOG staff.”
Steven S.

President, PD/GO Digital Marketing

“I use them for all my credit card processing needs for my internet-based business, very professional and reasonable rates. Highly recommended.”

Matt C.

Google Review

“Excellent customer service, easy integration, fast settlements, and great rates compared to other card processing services that put you in a “high risk” processing rate.”
Incoming Concepts

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